Zibra Fan Brush {short handle}

$ 10.25

I'm a huge fan of the fan brush :) No seriously it's awesome. I particularly love it for applying Couture Topcoat. The bristle's spread out and disperse the paint or topcoat without leaving brush marks. It's great for applying Paint Couture as well. 

TIP! If you are using a brush to apply a clear topcoat you don't want to use the same brush with your paint. There could be some leftover paint residue that could transfer over to your clear topcoat finish :( I often put a label on it or wrap some blue painters tape around it so I know this is my clear topcoat brush.

When used with Paint Couture, The collection products this brush can be washed out with soap and water and be used many times over.

Now with an improved short handle for getting into those tight spaces. Perfect for furniture painting. 

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