IOD Decor Transfer: Classic Boquets

$ 28.95

24”x33” Soft Black

The sound of a mortar and pestle were as familiar to him as his own breath. It was Silas’ job to gather, and
his mother prepared. “Step up and take your tinctures, teas and topicals, for whatever may ail you.” Their
faded mustard caravan was never openly welcomed in a town, still they never lacked for business.

OD Paintable Decor Transfers™

(pat.pend.) ( videos below ) are similar to our traditional IOD Decor Paintables, but they are designed so that you can add your own color to them if you choose. They also look fabulous left as they are, of course.

Apply them as usual, to a clean, dry matte painted surface. You can either begin coloring with your favorite translucent mediums, OR you can put down a coat of flat polyurethane as a ground, before coloring (we like General Finishes Flat Out Flat, but many brands will work great).

This simply makes the transfer and the paint the same sheen, so that they receive the mediums the same. After you’ve done your artwork, allow to dry and seal with an appropriate sealer for your project, being mindful of not smearing your beautiful painting. Sometimes this may mean spraying your sealer instead of brushing.

Above all- have FUN and express yourself!

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