IOD Decor Stamp- Peonies 12 X 12 Stamp

$ 37.00


This clear stamp set showcases images of chrysanthemums and is designed to complement a wide range of interior design styles from farmhouse to bohemian to shabby chic.

Featuring an abundance of beautiful petals and all the stages of growth from bud to blossom, the elements of the IOD Chrysanthemums Stamp can be arranged to create a field of blossoms. It can be easily used with other stamps in this collection, such as the IOD Peonies Stamp, to create a mixed bouquet.

Would you like to see this stamp in action? Click here to watch the Stamp Impressed Furniture with the IOD Chrysanthemum Stamp


When stamping, “masks” are used when you want to create layers in your design without disrupting the original stamped image. The mask is shaped just like that stamp and it covers the original image. This protects (or masks) that first impression as you continue to stamp your project. The plastic mask keeps your stamped designs crisp and clear. It also creates depth in your design by giving the sense of foreground and background.

To learn more about IOD reusable masks, check out this tutorial

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