Couture Crust

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The possibilities are endless with Couture Textures. You can use embossing medium to create raised stencils or craete a lace or Grasscloth texture. You can use Couture Crust to create an authenic aged crusty look on furniture or cabinets and with Couture Crackle and size you can achieve a layed aged Crackle that will have people asking "how did you do that?

A decorative plaster containing a natural earth mineral, which appears as brown flecks in a creamy base. May be used to create an aged crusty effect on furniture and cabinetry. No priming is necessary, can be layered and glazed, may be tinted with Paint Couture!(TM) or thinned with 10% water if desired. Apply with a brush or our Behr Trowel. Check out the video below to see Micki Coles demonstrate how to apply Couture Crust.


Using Blessings Paint Couture!(TM) to tint our Couture Crust!

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