Couture Crackle Step 2

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The possibilities are endless with Couture Textures. You can use embossing medium to create raised stencils or craete a lace or Grasscloth texture. You can use Couture Crust to create an authenic aged crusty look on furniture or cabinets and with Couture Crackle and size you can achieve a layed aged Crackle that will have people asking "how did you do that?

Step 2 for crackle. Make sure Couture Size has been applied prior to using this product. Couture Crackle produces a transparent glossy crackle, which may be glazed when fully dry. Apply Couture Size, when it is tacky and clear apply Couture Crackle with a brush or a Polar Bear roller. It should look like milk when applied and within 6-12 hours crackle will appear. It is important that this product is NOT forced dried by a hair dryer or fan, doing so will compromise the beauty of the crackle. When fully dry Glaze Couture! may be applied to enhance the crackle!


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Want to know more about our Couture Size and Couture Crackle? Watch this video.

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