Couture Crackle Step 1

$ 14.95

The possibilities are endless with Couture Textures. You can use embossing medium to create raised stencils or craete a lace or Grasscloth texture. You can use Couture Crust to create an authenic aged crusty look on furniture or cabinets and with Couture Crackle and size you can achieve a layed aged Crackle that will have people asking "how did you do that?

Step 1 of 2 for crackle. Couture Size is used to increase the size of the crackle, it is needed especially on our Paint Couture! paints as well as on Milk Paint or chalk like paint prodcuts. Apply the size to the surface to be crackled with a brush or a roller. Allow to dry (about 1 hour) until it is clear and tacky. Next apply Couture Crackle according to the directions. If larger crackle is desired 2 coats of Couture Size may be applied, make sure it dries in between coats.

For detailed instructions click here.  

Want to know more about our Couture Size and Couture Crackle? Watch this video.

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