Starter Kit-Bundle #1

$ 36.00

This is the perfect bundle for a smaller project like a side table, frame, chair, night stand or small coffee table.

This kit includes:

  • Paint Couture 8 oz. sample
  • Glaze Couture 8 oz. sample
  • Glazing Kit-Chip brush, two glazing pads and one foam brush to remove Glaze Couture 

General steps for each project. Please see instructions sheets for more details or contact Delyla Design for any questions at

  1. Clean your surface with simple green or tsp *if using tsp remember to remove ALL residue completely. Some high gloss, High sheen surfaces require sanding with 250 grit sand paper before painting. When in doubt do a scratch test before hand.
  2. Paint! Wait 4 hours between coats. 
  3. Apply Glaze Couture and remove with glazing pads and or foam brush. Wait 4 or more hours before next steps
  4. Enjoy your updated, durable happy piece of furniture

*High humidity conditions may require longer dry times between coats.