Glaze Couture-Tutorials



Be sure your painted projects have dried at least 24 hours (longer if its very humid).

Option for increased smoothness or sheen:  Use 320 grit sandpaper on your work prior to starting the below procedure.  If your project shows brush marks, sand lightly to remove them.

Wipe off any sandpaper dust with a damp cloth, let dry.

Applying Glaze Couture:

Apply the Glaze Couture! thickly with a Quality Brush.  Wait a couple of minutes and wipe off any excess Glaze with a Foam Brush or a Staining Pad.  Do not overwork the glaze or apply too much pressure as you wipe off the glaze.  If you prefer the Glaze to be deeper, just apply with even brush strokes and do not wipe off, then let dry 24 hours for a beautiful protective matte finish.  

Clean-up with warm soapy water.

It is recommended for pieces like table tops, or other surfaces subject to wear and abuse, to apply a coat of Lacquer Couture! 24 hours after the Glaze dries.  This will provided a very durable finish. Lacquer Couture! is available in 4 sheens; Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss.