IOD Decor Transfer: Painterly Florals

$ 40.00

We’re introducing a new format for our transfers. Instead of using tubes that include a single large sheet of transfers, with this release you get a pad of transfers. Each pad measures 12×16 and contains 8 sheets of transfers. 

This ends up being about two times the amount of designs as compared to our previous transfers! In this new format, the rub on images lend themselves to both large furniture makeovers as well as smaller decor projects because you can more easily cut them apart, arrange them as you wish, and store them without worrying about losing the non-stick backing.

Painterly Florals

 Look at the rich depth and texture of these oil painted buds and blossoms! Hand-painted with love by Josie, the Painterly Florals transfer offers a collection of sunflowers, delicate sprigs of lavender, and wild roses.  

Designed to allow you to create your own bouquet! You have a wide assortment of flowers, buds, stems and leaves to play with. 

Enjoy creating in a free form the layout or follow the layout designs on the back of the package. 

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